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24th December 2016
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29th Jesenická 70 - March 12, 2017

The tradition of the J70 ski classic race was renewed after a quarter of a century in 2013. We succeeded to follow up on the traditional J70, that had last been organized in 1990. Thus, in 2017 we shall organize a volume No. XIX (5th in our „new age“). This has become a big obligation to us to do a maximum so that the competition fulfills your expectations, is well prepared in order we continue in the new age tradition, that the Jeseníky mountains deserve.

The competition shall be held on the 70 km and 40 km tracks.

J70 is not going to lead on the exactly same track as many of the participants may remember, because in the last 20 years the environmental laws have changed making it unable to lead tracks in the original form within the Natural Reserve Praděd. This was also one of the main reasons why we have noted such a long gap.

Despite this we agreed with the CHKO Jeseníky officials on a track that comes quite close to the original one. As a result, we may proudly say we organize the toughest race in the Czech Republic.

The race is unique not only due to its lenght, demanding character, overall climb, but also due to the fact that in line with the spirit of the „back to the roots“ tradition there are some stretches that are not groomed. Yes they are beaten only by skis. This is rather exeptional in our modern times, something that makes the J70 compoetition exceptional. This is the real challenge for our competitors they have to tackle on their own.

We believe, that the challenge will indeed be accepted and by their participating the competitors will promote this event that was missed in the Jeseníky mountains for so many years.

Due to snow conditions in the last couple of years we count with an alternative option, same we did in 2016, i.e. having start in the upper snowy parts of the Jeseniky. Please follow our news regarding race arrangements that shall be continuously posted on our web site.

We look forward to welcoming you on March 12, 2017.


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Classic styl

Is performed on prepared trails utilising techniques of diagonal stride and double poling. Besides these elements it is allowed to side-step (bounce-off with one ski) in a curve, side-step while moving from one trail to another and so called „Herringbone“ (skis in a V-shape on steep climbs), where no glide is allowed. This technique is called Classic or sometimes also Nordic. Not adhering to this may lead to disqualifications.




Start list

trac 70 km and 40 km



SILESIA bike marathon

SILESIA kros marathon

In addition to the 2 competition mentioned above we also organized a 3-day stage mountain bike race JESENÍKY 2000. That time it was the first mountain bike stage race held in the Czech Republic.

We also organize other events.